The devil came to Jesus and said, I am champion over this world, I reign in death over man. (Matthew 4 1:10)

But Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life, he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live, and whosoever lives and believes in me, will never die. (John 11:25)


Round one (1) Jesus was called to Jairus’ house, his daughter was dead. But My champion showed up, raised her up, and gave her back to her father. The devil was mad, he said, yeah, you raised her, but she was dead only a little while, I am still champion. Jesus said, I won round one. (Mark 5 21:42)

Round two (2) Jesus was walking down a dusty road, when He saw a funeral procession. He saw a mom who had lost her only son, He went over and said, stop the procession, with resurrection. He raised the boy up, gave him back to his mom. The devil came and said, yeah, you raised him up, but he was dead only a short time, I am still champion. Jesus said, I won round two. (Luke 7 12:15)

Round three (3) Jesus got the news, one of His best friends Lazarus was dead. He showed up on the fourth day. They said, if you were here sooner this wouldn’t have happened. Jesus said, it doesn’t matter what day it is, every day is resurrection day when I show up. He said, move the stone, He cried Lazarus come forth, and Lazarus came out to the embrace of his sisters. The devil came and said, okay, he was there a pretty good while, but wait until I get my hands on you. Jesus said, I won round three. (John 11 43:44)

Round four (4) At thirty- three things went bad in the ministry of Jesus. In Jerusalem they cried, crucify him. So He was crucified, said it was finished, gave up the ghost. The devil said, what He did for others, He can not do for himself. I knew once I got Him, He would go down for the count. On day one, the devil was champion, On day two, the devil was champion, but on day three, something happened, the ground shook, the stoned rolled away, and my champion came out of the grave, cause no grave could hold His body down. The devil came, Jesus said, I won every round, so say it. And the devil bowed his knee, his tongue confessed, that Jesus Christ was champion. My champion is undefeated, My champion is champion of the universe, My champion is the greatest of all time. My champion is the same yesterday, today and forever. Do you need my champion, because what He has won for me, He will win for you. (Matthew 28 2:6)

Mike Tyson is not my champion, George Foreman is not my champion, Joe Frazier is not my champion, Mohamed Ali is not my champion. Jesus is my champion, never met a devil He couldn’t whip, never met a mountain He couldn’t move, never met a giant He couldn’t slay, never met a river He couldn’t cross, never met a chain He couldn’t break. He is not a one time champion, He is my champion, always was, always will be my champion. He is THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION of all time.


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